I love houses… Ask anyone that knows me!  I’m crazy and can talk about houses non-stop. Let’s be honest – I was up until 1 last night browsing through Zillow and the MLS. How’s that for an exciting Saturday night? For most flippers, it’s about making money and turning a quick profit… Granted that’s definitely a benefit, but I’m also driven by my passion for making something better then it already is. Working with the existing parameters and designing the space so that the house isn’t just pretty, it’s functional for the people that buy it. I pride myself at turning houses into homes. In Phoenix, the housing crisis left so many homes broken and abandoned. I love being able to find them, see the potential, realize the design, and make them into the homes that they should have always been.

A big part of flipping, is how cheap you can buy the house. I also buy based on being able to walk into a house and see it complete… If I can “see” then end result, then I know that it’s good buy. Anytime I struggle with seeing the end result, I really need to question whether or not the house will be a good flip (end result/profit/etc). There are a lot of flippers out there that produce flips. They might be an improvement from what the house was, but they are still void of style, design, and often times function. Adding granite countertops and stainless steel appliances is not flipping! Understanding the design and the intent of a home is so important. I strive to imagine PEOPLE using the home. Whether it’s enjoying the window seat we built, sitting at the oversized island in the kitchen, or having a pool party in the backyard – Understanding how the home will be used and enjoyed is how I flip houses and how I cater to home buyers.

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