Part of being a flipper is always looking for the next deal… And I found it! This property on 17th Ave in Phoenix looks rough but is loaded with potential. It’s located in a historic district and the house has a ton of charm with its old milk box, peek-a-boo door in the entry, mailbox slot and skeleton key door locks! The house is only a 2 bed, 1 bath but everything in it is original (for better or worse).IMG_9085

However, the exciting part about this property is actually found in the backyard where we found that a garage had been converted into a guest house – Granted the ceiling is caving in, the doors are rotten and it’s hard to actually “see it” as being anything but a big demo project but EUREKA… The fact that there is sewer, electric and water back there – Means that it will be a guest house once again! Not only that, but due to the main house being slightly smaller, we want to maximize the total square footage of the property anyway that we can, therefore the second structure in the back of the yard will become a detached studio/office. By the time that this project is complete the property will offer charm AND function to it’s buyers! It’s going to be good one – Check back soon to see the transformation in progress!IMG_9127

My Flip Tip: Look for properties that have hidden potential. Will that shed in the backyard provide the best function to future buyers? Or could it be sold better as something else? Get creative about spaces and look for opportunities buried under caved in ceilings!


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