Staging makes such an impact when selling a home and it’s something essential to consider. Bringing in elements of a home makes potential buyers feel more welcome and it helps them to imagine what their new home could look like! You don’t need to go all out and put furniture in every room (Trust me – I’ve done it before it’s a lot of work and may sometimes even deter a potential buyer). Most of the time I suggest doing light staging: Adding towels in the bathroom to provide a pop of color, putting an orchid by the kitchen sink, placing a coffee maker on a kitchen counter, adding a shower curtain to bring a touch of softness to a generally hard space and most importantly – sitting. When people are viewing a house and trying to decide whether they should buy it – Help them with that answer by providing them a place to sit and admire the space and imagine themselves living it. I always put barstools in the kitchen because the kitchen has become the heart of the home. Likewise for patio furniture – Adding outdoor chairs not only brings a pop of color to the exterior, but it also allows people to sit outside and imagine having their family over for a BBQ or a birthday party. Home’s are where we spend so much time, and when you’re selling your home it’s often already “staged” with your personal belongings, but when you’re selling a flipped property, staging helps to change it from feeling like a vacant “flipped” home to feeling like the buyer’s next home.

Hazelwood (43)

MY FLIP TIP: When staging a home, try to pick one color that can be carried throughout. It provides a feeling of unity and compliments everything that was done on the interior. I typically suggest something brighter that will stand out against neutrals.


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