When flipping homes, most people tend to think ‘neutral’ and ‘generic’ because their goal is to appeal to the largest demographic of home buyers and there is the general belief that people will “make it their own” after they buy it. There is definitely some truth in that idea, but those same home buyers also want style and many people don’t feel confident in doing home projects or home decor themselves… Therefore, they want to buy something that already has it!

In every flip I do, I try to keep aspects of it generally neutral but with bold statements. The before and after photo below is a great example. In this home on State Ave, the bathroom wasn’t too bad to start with, it was just extremely boring and had zero style. I kept the exact same tub surround, the same shower door, the same shower head, same toilet, and even the same bathroom vanity cabinet… BUT I painted the cabinet grey rather than keeping it white! Adding a stone countertop with a modern sink and faucet were easy changes. The bold statement comes from doing the dark grey accent wall. It makes the vanity, sink, and even the old bathtub surround really pop! Especially with the light grey mirror that makes a bold statement all by itself with its metal detailing and the way the grey colors contrast. The changes in this bathroom were so inexpensive and very basic, yet made a bold statement that made home buyers want it!


MY FLIP TIP: Take down that boring mirror that’s probably glued to the wall (or remove the medicine cabinet that’s never used) and put up a mirror with some style instead. Mirrors make a huge impact! And they don’t need to be expensive either… Check out stores like @HomeGoods, @tjmaxx, or @marshalls for some great deals (The one I used was only $29!!!)


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