Older homes often tend to become great flip projects! However, homes from decades ago often didn’t take into consideration that our society today would ever need space. A walk-in closet… A room for your clothes… What a silly concept when you actually think about it.  Likewise when you think about kitchen… Who could ever need that much counterspace! Not to mention, the idea of a walk-in pantry. Space for storage has become a huge seller factor in homes today and can make or break a sale.

Whenever I’m flipping a house, I try to reconfigure the floor plan to turn wasted space into space that the future home buyer can’t live without! The before and after photo below is a great example.

Previously, this kitchen had a very nonfunctional layout with an area that was set back and dedicated to the stove. When you’re cooking, nobody wants an ‘intersection’ in the middle of their kitchen. Therefore, my solution was to actually close off that pathway (which was the second access to the living room) and instead create a walk-in pantry with that wasted space. Since I was reusing the cabinets, I was able to take them off the window wall and have them built-in against the existing cabinets to create a layout that was not only more functional, and also much more attractive, but most importantly it optimized the space.


MY FLIP TIP: When considering a project, look for a house that has wasted space. This is typically a turn-off for most buyers, but make it into what it should have always been and it might just become one of the best parts of that home!



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