One of my favorite parts about flipping homes, is the day that the home is complete… After all the paint has dried, all the windows have been washed, and just the right amount of staging has been added, it is so rewarding to just stop, look around, and enjoy the transformation that has occured. Sometimes it’s hard for people to remember what the home looked like before, which is why I always love putting photos together of the BEFORE & AFTERS so that you see how we made a house into a home.

Orange (39)

The latest flip to be completed was Orange Drive. This cute little house had a ton of potential, but was overgrown and dated. We took advantage of the oversized lot by adding modern fencing to give more yard to the future buyers, we also painted the house a more neutral color while adding yellow as the bold accent color throughout the house to make things pop. I was inspired by this yellow because the previous owners had used it on some of their interior doors and I thought it would be nice for the home to keep part of it’s past. Clean, sleek materials were used thoughout to give the home a fresh and urban vibe… But you might notice that the same dining room table that was found in the home, never left and now fit’s in surrounded by a space that appreciates it. The floor plan was altered slightly to make the kitchen more functional and provide a space for interior laundry. Outside, we cleaned up the patio and added yellow sun shades for additional coverage. However, the most exciting part was converting an old, dark workshop into a complete guest casita with its own private bathroom! Changing this home from a 2/1 into a 3/2 was a smart investment and will be enjoyed by the future home owner for years to come (Plus it looks super cute!) To see all the BEFORE & AFTERS of this project, please follow the link below.


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