When flipping houses, it’s important to look for materials that are affordable, but also unique. I try to find items that look more expensive then they are – whether they are being liquidated, there’s a special buy at Home Depot and Lowes, or you just get lucky on clearance. Anytime you can spend less, and get more – That’s the way to go! However, I also try to always consider using unconventional materials in unique ways because it grabs people’s attention and often times sets your house apart from others. I’m not going to go all “Trading Spaces” and put straw or feathers on a wall, but there are plenty of other materials to make a memorable statement! Corregated metal is one of my favorite materials to use because it’s reasonably priced, yet makes a huge impact when it’s wrapped around a fireplace or even used on the exterior of a home to cover up ugly siding. 

Orange (4)

Another thing to consider is how to apply them… When you’re doing a shower, typically you use tile, but so many people stop the tile at about 7’0″ which I think is too low! Go big and take the tile all the way up to the ceiling… This adds height and drama to any bathroom which is especially important when it’s a small space like so many bathrooms are. I also suggest adding a strip of decorative accent tile (ideally it matches tile elsewhere in the house such as the kitchen backsplash) to create a unified design. This creates a great focal point and is a fairly affordable way to add a little more style to your bathroom! 

Orange (21)


MY FLIP TIP: When considering materials, whether they’re conventional or not – Think about the overall design concept for the home. So many people mix and match materials which sometimes works, but more often then not – It looks like a mess. Try to pick a style and carry it throughout the home repeating materials throughout. When you have repetition in design, it creates a unified look that’s appealing to home buyers (and just people in general)!


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