When flipping homes, an important aspect to consider is new windows. New windows are such a huge selling point for home buyers because they make the home more energy efficent which directly translates to lots of money saved on energy bills. Not only that, but windows make a home look brighter, more airy, and can often make a big impact on the home’s curb appeal as well. If the room can accomodate a larger window, it’s always worth the money to add one because it will typically make the space feel bigger. In the photo below, larger windows weren’t an option due to the roofline from the downstairs coming up so high, but for a room that had none to begin with… Adding the five little square ones helped the room a lot. 

Downloadable Photos Mesa AZ-large-031-IMG 6686-1500x1000-72dpi

Another great solution for natural light is to add interior glass french doors. I often come across homes that feel like caves where previous buyers added on, and then added on again yet didn’t really take lighting into account. Therefore, my solution is to add french doors so that you still have a privacy barrier and they block noise, but the natural light can flow in through the rest of the house and help enhance the space. 


MY FLIP TIP: Windows can be extremely expensive but they don’t have to be either. When window shopping, don’t go to a third party vendor – Cut out the middle man and save money by going direclty to the manufacture or the primary vendor. This should help you get the best deal and maxamize your investment. 


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