Early on in a project, I’m most creative when I’m alone in the house. Walking from room to room and thinking about how people used the home before it came to me… And with those thoughts, I can transform the space into how it should be used for the future home buyers. Space planning is so essential to the functionality of a home and a major part of flipping is making the most out of that space. 

Today I spent the morning wandering around a new project on Avalon Street. From the exterior it’s a very pretty home, but inside it’s dated and has spaces that don’t make sense which is what I worked on today. Please excuse my terrible sketch… Yes.  I know. All of my Design Professors that are reading this right now are absolutely saying “I told you so” because they constantly spoke about how important sketching is, yet mine haven’t exactly improved much over the years (Probably because I’m often sketching on drywall shortly before a sledgehammer hits it)…

Check out the Existing Plan and New Plan I developed below… 



EXISTING PLANProblem -No formal master bathroom. Very tight spaces. Walkway is wasted space and reduces privacy to master bedroom. 

NEW PLAN: Goal – Provide additional storage to the kitchen by creating a pantry. Enlarge master  bedroom closet to create a walk-in. Simplify space and reconfigure to optimize function and create a luxurious and spacious master bathroom by doing the following:

– The closet extends further back into the existing shower space. 
– The shower shifts to where the sink is now. This means the drain will need to move about 30″
– The toilet stays in the exact same location but rotates so that it is facing north rather then west
– The opening from the kitchen gets a door and becomes a small pantry closet
– On the opposite side of the pantry wall are two double sinks. These are the first thing you see when you enter the new master bathroom from the bedroom.
– Ideally there is some kind of door/divider/arch that separates the toilet and walk-in shower from the sink area but this will depend on how much space we have. Hopefully we can reuse one of the existing old wood panel doors. 
– Because the patio door will now be to access the master (perfect for a backyard pool) we will need to add a patio door in the dining room instead so there is access to the backyard from the main part of the home.
– There is no washer and dryer area in the home – Let’s add it in the hallway closet on the north side of the bathroom.
– The hot water heater will also need to be moved… To the shed outside? To the closet on the south side of the bathroom? Install tankless instead?

MY FLIP TIP: Sketch everything. It clarifies your own thoughts and helps you communicate what you want to others. 


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