Whoah. So many houses in the works, but making it happen step by step! Currently, we have one house in escrow, two recently available on the market for sale, four homes that are in the flip process, and three more on deck that will all close within the next sixty days. That’s 10 flips happening right now! Awesome! BUT also a lot of work, especially when it’s 116 degrees outside (Yes, that was a record breaking high for Phoenix today!) 

After I finish a home and it goes on market, it still needs to be maintained and monitored so that it’s looking it’s best during open houses and as it’s viewed by potential buyers. Think “Pageant Dad” but for houses! Is the grass cut? Did all those greasy nose smudges get cleaned off the windows? Who left Starbucks sitting on the counter?

For the flips in progress, it’s all about being there and making sure every part of the project goes smoothly. As demo begins, it’s a matter of making sure the right pieces of the home are saved (either to be donated or to be reused) and that the rest is removed so that we can see exactly what we’re working with. Drawings, floor plans, designs, oh my! This is the fun part – Making the homes into what they deserve to be… But it’s also the time for long days at the job site, and long nights on http://www.amazon.com finding the “wow” fixtures that each home needs! Not that I have children yet, but I imagine that having multiple flips has it’s similarities because each home needs your attention and you can’t play favorites. You need to be everything to each of them and make sure that nothing is missed. 

Houses on deck! I am so grateful to be in this position where I have projects to look forward to… BUT this is all about the scheduling and dreaming! It’s so important to get the estimates started and start ordering! Beyond that, it’s about spending time with the house to develop the concept and feel what kind of home the house should become. It’s all about imagination! And it’s about giving that imagination a foundation to build off of, so that when the house closes, the project can immediately begin and we’re not delayed. 

Follow along over the next few days to get a preview of the 10 houses in each of their current phases!

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