Today I’m happy to say that I am a proud Pageant Dad because since yesterday’s blog, Buccanneer has received a cash offer. Granted an offer doesn’t mean anything because there are a million things that follow which can change things drastically BUT regardless an offer means that someone loves the work that we did and that alone, always feels so good!

Currently, beyond the three homes that have been recently completed, I’ve got four in the works. These are the homes that take lot’s of “James time” and make blogging so challenging, but they also take the most creativity which is always exciting.

1. Happy Valley – This is my biggest flip yet! It’s a 4000+ square foot home in a gated community. This home was simply outdated and not up to the same standards as the current houses being built on the same street which is why it’s a fantastic flip. Everything about this project is high end and custom. New flooring, new cabinets, new countertops, and improved layout, and a rockin’ outdoor area with an added roof top deck and completely remodeled pool. Currently this place is  torn apart and making good progress – It’s drywall time and once that’s complete it will be time for paint and tile work! This project is such a great opportunity and I’m excited to see how it develops into the southwesten elegant style it deserves! Expect to see pictures and more to come about this one soon! Look at my first video blog to see how the home looked before!

2. 17th Ave – Adorable historic home in Central Phoenix. This charming bungalow needed a new roof, new windows, new flooring, and new paint… Plus it’s got a soon-to-be awesome guest house! Currently the windows are in, painting is underway and cabinets are ordered. This house is going to need a lot of landscaping, but the end result will be beautiful and so unique because it’s in a historic neighborhood and is truly one of a kind! This house is going to ready for the market soon – Look for the before and after pics in about three weeks! 

3. Coolidge – Wow… This house has a smell that I can only hope will disappear after the demo is complete! It might be one of the worst homes we’ve ever purchased on the inside, but it’s got potential! Such a bizarre hodge-podge of a house but located in a great spot in walking distance to restaurants and bars. This home will be a modern masterpiece by the time that it’s done with a lot of reconfiguration, new materials, and updates all around… Currently it’s just in the demo phase and will be awhile until we start putting it back together. 

4. Avalon Ave – Pretty house. Pretty street. Pretty great project! This house just needs the basics and a beautiful master bathroom suite, which can easily be created from all the wasted space currently exists. This home has already has a new AC, new electrical, new roof, and so much more to offer. We’ve started the demo and have quick plans underway. Basic changes will make a big impact and it will have a sleek transitional design when it’s done!

All four of these projects will have different styles that will be beautiful in their own way and it will be an exciting upcoming few weeks as we get closer to completion on each of them!

MY FLIP TIP: Find a style that works for you and embrace it. When you like it, you’ll present it well. My problem is that I like a lot of styles… So I like to do a variety, but this doesn’t work for everyone! It’s important to know what works for you, because when you do – You’ll do it best!


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