I’ve given you a little insight to the flips that are on the market and the ones that are in the process of becoming beautiful. In addition to these houses I have three more “on-deck”. All three houses will be fantastic industrial modern homes when they are completed. It’s a style that I really like doing because it caters to the ugly, disproportionate ranch style home that was popular in the southwest. It provides opportunities to turn generic homes into one of a kinds! The before and after below is a great example!photo-38

1. 16th Ave – This property is similar to the above. Very simple roof, linear lines, basic features BUT it lends itself to so many different options for unique materials and modern design features. This home has a lot of great aspects (fresh interior paint, new carpet, and awesome front windows)… We just need to bring in some color, add style, and provide a kitchen and bathrooms that make your mouth water. We close early August and this will be an awesome flip!

2. 15th Ave – This home is a great deal because it was mislabeled on the MLS. It was “flipped” almost two years ago so it has some features that were already addressed, but it needs a lot of the basics and again it’s missing the modern style that will make the home so desirable. Hopefully this home should be a fairly quick flip, but there is still a lot more to plan – We’ve got about a month until the one closes!

3. Caballeros – Located in beautiful Palm Springs, California! This will be my first flip outside of Arizona and I’m so excited for it. Palm Springs is full of some beautiful mid-century modern homes and Caballeros is no exception with great angled features, mountain views, and a huge backyard. The inside hasn’t seen anything mid-century or modern in a very long time which is where I come in! This project will be an awesome experience and will be very interesting to try a different market! 

MY FLIP TIP: Plan and schedule! By having houses lined up on deck we are able to seamlessly move from one house to the next with little down-time between. This ensures regular work for my crew of guys, my realtor and myself! Without these, you can’t flip!


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