The townhouse closed (Woohoo!!!) and now has a new family to love it as a home! Bucanneer is offically under contract (Amazing!!!). That phone call is always one of my favorites because it is so reconfirming for why I flip houses. However, in the meantime of flipping houses I’m also keeping very busy and trying to enjoy life to the fulliest and finding inspiration in everything I do. Wednesday night Lady GaGa was in Phoenix for her #artrave tour and it was a fantastic show. She is so talented and the lights for her show were beautiful – Now it’s true that I can’t exactly do concert lights in a house, but I always try to have lighting in a home highlight it’s assets, which is exactly what’s done in a concert. Lady Gaga knows her stuff and there was so much up lighting in the show – This is absolutley someting that I’d like to intergrade into my flips because when things are lit from below, it provides a totally different look then when it’s lit from above.

On Friday, it was off to Hawaii for my August getaway. August in Phoenix is always so intense. It’s like living in an oven and although I typically love the weather that Arizona provides, come August I’ve had enough and so I believe that leaving is the answer. Leaving is always a challenge when I’ve got so many houses going on but if I schedule things right, I can typically sneek in a much needed break. 17th is well underway, and the rest of the houses in progress are still in the demo phase so before the three on deck close and the other ones get further along – Now is the perfect time! So currently I’m in Honolulu for a few days staying at the beautiful Trump hotel on Waikiki beach! Here there is plenty of inspiration because the rooms are gorgous! Last night we spent the evening in a penthouse watching fireworks (with a bottle of champagne of course!). The entry into the penthouse gave me so inspiration for the entry at Coolidge. We’re combining an old bedroom with the existing living room to create one great space BUT the result is an odd ceiling transition which is why I want to do something that makes it feel like it was “intentional” rather then the burden of living with an odd ceiling transition! 

IMG_5315This photo is taken from the entry into Coolidge. The area to the left will become a third bedroom/den, however straight ahead will become an extention of the living room but after that wall is removed, there will be an odd ceiling transition… Therefore, the solution is below:

photo 1-3Now this penthouse entry is awesome but without the metal details flanking each side the ceiling transition would be awkward and it would be a very dull entry. Awesome space and very inspiring for the Coolidge house. We probalby won’t be able to afford something this intricate, but as always a creative and less expensive version will do the trick and look perfect!

MY FLIP TIP: Inspiration is everywhere. Enjoy life with your eyes open and when you see things, capture them and embrace the inspiration. 





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