It’s become a habit for me to look at real estate everywhere I go… I’m a shop-a-holic gone house-a-holic. Anytime I travel, I pull up Zillow to see what’s for sale and what the prices of local real estate looks like. If you haven’t checked out Zillow before, it is a user-friendly real estate website with (usually) accurate information about real estate both current and previous listings (www.zillow.com). They also have some of the greatest commercials that make me cry every time!!

Phoenix is a fantastic flipping market, but the market is always changing and I think it’s important to know what’s happening in other cities to see what’s hot. This is why I’m especially excited about the home on Caballeros – It will be my first flip in another market (Palm Springs) and a true test of how it is to flip elsewhere, which will involve additional costs, time, and travel but it can all be worth it if the numbers are right!IMG_5534Currently I’m in Hawaii and it makes me wonder what it would be like to flip here. Things are so expensive (including real estate) yet there seem to be a fair amount of “rough” looking places both inside and out… Whether it’s a home that just hasn’t been attended to, or a condo on zillow that obviously hasn’t been updated since the 50’s but they all seem to be homes that essentially just need a cosemtic makeover to look good again. But then it’s a matter of labor and materials and finding both on an island. There are definitley pros and cons to everything but it’s fun to be able to consider the possabilities and occasionally find a possability that really makes sense. In the meantime it’s time to go and enjoy Hawaii and stop blogging! Aloha! 

MY FLIP TIP: Study markets and investigate your surroundings. You might be surprised at what you find!


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