Big Design in Small Spaces

Hotels… Your home away from home.

Hotels sometimes do a fantastic job at maximizing small spaces and often times the clever design choices that they make can be inspiring and translate directly into residential design. When you’ve got a small space it’s essential to make things multipurpose and compact at the same time. Blending these items is a solution for success! Below is a great example which I found in a two bedroom suite at the Trump Hotel on Wikiki Beach. I love the way they made the door part of the built-in so that when it’s closed it appears “hidden” – Even better, to the left of the TV is a frosted glass corner. This is an interesting detail from the living area while providing natural light and privacy to the secondary bedroom. This glass detail is immediatley next to the built-in desk area which is part of the main living space, but feels separated due to being tucked into the space. Not only that, but so often, TV’s consume a space and in this setting it’s recessed just enough that the dark wood framing that unifies the wall… It really compliments its size so that it blends in rather then standing out. 


I’m excited to use the hidden door way idea and even the corner glass window idea in upcoming flip projects. They are both great solutions to small spaces and making them look good at the same time. Other hotels that also have fantastic design in addition to the Trump are: Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, W Hotel’s, Kimpton properties, and aLoft properties… Check them out the next time you getaway and admire their designs!

MY FLIP TIP: Find the good in all spaces. There is always something that is positive and that can be used for a flip project or your own home. 


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