Phew! I’m back from Hurricanes in Hawaii and Happily doing Houses again! It was a great trip and I seriously think that there is a market to flip in Hawaii – Very tempting considering that it’s paradise! Nonetheless, it’s great to be back in Phoenix and working on all the houses. While I was gone, Buccanner unfortunitley feel out of contract and is back on the market. C’est la vie! It’s always a bummer, but it happens and there will be another buyer that comes along soon! However, on the positive side, we closed on 16th Ave while I was away which will be a very cool industrial modern house. Look for my post introducing it in the next few days and you’ll see what I mean!

Not only that, but even more positive… 17th Ave is almost complete… You might recall it from about a month ago when I did my “Introducing 17th Ave” post. It’s a charming historic home and has really come to life! I’m so excited for it to be finished and on the market… The cabinets are in, countertops are going in Friday along with all the fixtures, and then it’s on to landscaping!

Anytime that I’m gone, as great as it is to get away, it’s also hard to play catch up when I get back so I’m focusing my time on touring the houses, checking in with vendors, submitting orders, and going through my check-lists so that I’m prepared for everything and nothing slips through the cracks. 

Today was a good day for me to just do a quick update post. Check back tomorrow for my Transformation Thursday post AND my second Flippin’ Friday post just after that! Thank you everyone so much for all your support and encouragement with my blog and flipping… If there is anything you want to know or read about – Please let me know! I’d be happy to do a blog based on a readers request!

MY FLIP TIP: Smile. And have a great day! 


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