With 17th Ave almost complete, I decided it was time to introduce another home, Coolidge Ave. This house is currently in the works, but only minor demo has been completed. So you’ll be hearing about it for a while until it’s complete.

This house appears overgrown in the frontyard but actually has some decent foiliage that I can work with which is always a plus. However, the home really only has two things going for it. Firstly, the Coolidge house is in a fantastic location near 7th Ave in Phoenix so it’s within walking distance to a lot of really great bars, restaurants, or shops which will be very appealing to buyers because I know it’s also appealing to me (I like to think I know where all the hot spots are in my own neighborhood!). And secondly, the house is just over 2000 square feet – That’s a lot of square footage for a home built in 1946 in Central Phoenix. However most of it comes from a large addition that they did off the back of the home. It’s a nice addition but it means that two of the existing bedrooms actually look into that room rather then outside, what a view right?! These two things alone were the reason that I wanted to buy the house and because it just felt right. This house needs us, and I couldn’t imagine anyone else going into it the way we will and making it the house that it’s meant to be. 


Here’s why, let’s just say you’re lucky that you can’t smell the photos below… As a result, the house will need to be almost completely gutted in order to remove the smells it’s collected over the last 68 years. I’ve been in a lot of homes but never smelled one like this. Yuck! It’s also obvious that the previous home owners were slightly “do-it-yourselfer’s” which I totally support but some of the work that was completed was a little questionable… There were places were grass was growing up through the floor next to the wall, really bringing the outdoors in…. It seems like there was a day or two when they decided they wanted a larger kitchen and so they just started including parts of the exterior patio and making it into the kitchen. Their solution, was just to put wood paneling over the exterior siding for a “cabin sheek” look, but that solution doesn’t work for me – and it shouldn’t work for you either! This area will be totally demoed, leveled, properly insulated, and recreated to make it functional and safe. Believe it or not, by the time I’m done, this home will have a dream kitchen created within the space shown below. 



Over the years, somewhere between a massive addition off the make of the home, and adding to the kitchen time after time, the previous home owners also decided that they didn’t want a swimming pool anymore. Yes that’s what the photo above is showing… A large diving pool that’s now full of dirt. I’ve had this same challenge of making a filled in swimming pool disappear once before and I assure you it isn’t eay, but it can (and will) be done. As far as introductions go, Coolidge Ave probably isn’t making the best first impression, but over the next few weeks it will be transformed into a fantastic house. Check back this week to see another space planning blog for house this house will be completely reconfigured!  

MY FLIP TIP: Listen to your gut. If your gut says “BUY IT” then that’s a good sign! If seeing a house makes your tummy grumble (As this one should have done to mine) then it’s probably a good idea to pass. 



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