RAIN! Doesn’t Mother Nature Know This Is The Desert?

What happens when Phoenix gets nearly four inches of rain in a matter of two hours? Delays! And of course the obvious flooding too! One of the best things about flipping in Phoenix is the weather… It’s literally sunny almost every day, and even if it’s not – It’s still easy enough to work outside. The four seasons in the Midwest and East Coast don’t have this same luxury between all the rain, snow and ice that falls from the sky making working conditions tough.  So although I feel fortunate to be in the market that I am, I still struggle on days like today which is why I find myself blogging at 2am rather then sleeping – My brain is still busy working!


This much rain means that landscaping needed to come to a complete stop because you can’t compact a granite stone patio when it’s all mud and water! Appliances can’t be delivered… And of course you can’t do any painting outside either. As I’ve blogged before, one of the most important things about flipping is scheduling but when your schedule get’s literally dumped on, it creates a big headache. Currently 17th Ave is scheduled to be completed on Thursday with both a full cleaning and professional photos being shot in the afternoon so that it can hit the market hot and ready on Friday. Whenever we list a new property, my Realtor Shane Saunders always recommends to do it just before the weekend because that’s when most people are actually out looking at houses AND a home keeps it’s “New Listing” status for four days (aka the whole weekend) which is typically when a home get’s the most interest. 

Now everything that was suppose to be done today is crunched into tomorrow along with all the other final details. It can be done, but with a lot more overlap and stress and assuming variable’s like rain don’t continue. If we don’t complete the house in time for photos before this weekend, it’s probably in our best interest to wait a full week to list that which is equally frustrating because time is money. We’ll know a lot more tomorrow – Doesn’t Mother Nature know this is the Desert?

MY FLIP TIP: Pay attention to the weather. You can’t control it, so embrace it and work around that schedule. If it’s suppose to be a windy day, work inside to avoid paint from blowing and things getting dirty. Or in my case, if the forecast calls for 4″ of rain, get landscaping done before that happens… This is something I personally took advantage of before and a tip I didn’t follow, but after a day like today… I’ve learned my lesson!


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