Welcome to the second Transformation Thursday (AKA Almost Friday morning since I’m finishing up 17th Ave and the last few days of a flip are always the busiest!) This week I wanted to focus on the transformation of a property on Coggins Street. A small house located in Sun City, AZ with two bedrooms and one bathroom facing a beautiful golf course with mountain views, but it had been a house that was long forgotten (except for the termites of course). The goal of this home was to remodel it not as a flip, but instead as a vacation rental to be kept long term. Therefore, in order to make it a good rental, we knew that the home needed more then one bathroom. Our solution was to convert the existing bathroom into a “master,” then close off the hallway entry, and piggy back a second bathroom to the existing making it the new hallway bathroom with double sinks and a stand up shower. As a result, this meant moving over the kitchen four feet. Thankfully we had the space to work with. We focused on reconfiguring the kitchen layout to maximize counter space and make sure that we could still accommodate full sized appliances. We created the kitchen using salvaged cabinets which were all different colors but had the same door fronts… Check them out below! Painting them white made them the same!


After the cabinets were made to match, we set to work on enhancing the space by adding dropped pendants, granite countertops, and a glass tile backsplash for style. All of this, along with stainless steel appliances made this kitchen perfect for a vacation rental because it caters to entertaining without demanding an excess amount of space considering that many people only cook light meals while on vacation and instead enjoy having a place to gather. This kitchen does both.


We added french doors to the opening on the right of the kitchen. These doors now separate the dining area which previously was adjacent to the kitchen, but when the kitchen moved over. This caused the dining area to be pushed back so the doors were added to create a sense of intimacy. New tile floors throughout made the space feel unified along with a neutral wall color that would appeal to all visitors. 

MY FLIP TIP: Mix and match. The first photo is an excellent example of how you can make the most of similarities. The cabinets were practically free, they looked nothing alike, but they had the same door style which made them a great solution for an inexpensive and beautiful kitchen. 


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