I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again… One of the best things about flipping is getting under contract. AND – I’m happy to say that after just 4 short days, 17th Ave in under contract with a full price offer! YAY! Of course this doesn’t mean it’s a done deal yet, there are still inspections and appraisals and buyer financing to go through BUT getting under contract is definitely a step in the right direction!

Therefore in honor of 17th’s success, I thought it would be great to highlight the transformation of the guest house. You can check out more before and afters via @flippingdiaries but below are a few of my favorites! This space was originally a garage that the previous owners converted into a guest house. When we purchased it, the home was literally caving in within the bathroom and there was no way the space was livable. Both BEFORE & AFTER photos below are taken from almost the exact same position. The first one is taken from a slightly different angle but you can see that we put a larger window in the back. We made it dual pane and increased the size to allow in more natural light. The biggest thing too was removing the ceiling drywall… We needed to make repairs to the structure and upon seeing it exposed – I knew we had to keep it that way! This made the space feel so much larger and offered easy access for electrical too! In the second photo, the location of the brown door is now the location of the kitchen sink window. This is a great before and after photo because it shows the complete transformation… As you can see, just to the left of the old door we had plumbing but with no wall space to actually have a functional sink area. Therefore, I decided to put the main entry in the back for privacy and as a result that allowed us much more useable wall space to create a full kitchen. The wall AC unit was also removed and replaced by the stove’s exhaust hood. The space still has an AC unit but it’s on the opposite wall so that it’s shaded more from the elements and not a visual eyesore from the main house either. We also closed off the entry to the bathroom as well and  relocated it behind the saloon doors near the main door. This created more privacy from the rest of the space and allowed us to create an even better kitchen… The fridge is now where the bathroom doorway use to be. This guest house is now functional, stylish, and a place where the new home owners will be proud to have their guests stay. 

 photo 1-4 photo 2-3

 MY FLIP TIP: Don’t get ahead of yourself. Being under contract doesn’t mean it’s sold. There are a lot of things that can happen in the meantime and it’s important to be prepared for that… But, it’s exciting nonetheless 🙂


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