Another flip is under way! This property is unique because it was “partially” flipped and sold just two years ago. It received new flooring, new baseboards, updated cabinets, and some new fixtures, along with some stylish additions; such as the corrugated metal that was installed on the exterior. However, sometime during the last two years, whoever purchased it (Definitely didn’t improve the house) but they also unfortunately lost it back to the bank… Who knows what happened, and as sad as it is… We now have it and we need to go all the way with it to give this house the style and design it needs! Check out some of the pics below of what it looks like now!

IMG_5884 IMG_5898 IMG_5912 IMG_5929 IMG_5956IMG_5937

The biggest thing is that this home needs is new windows, fresh interior paint, and fully remodeled bathrooms. Some of the spaces that have been slightly updated like the kitchen already have a lot to work with BUT they need to be reconfigured and improved. That kitchen needs a dishwasher and it needs some style. We’ll add new stone tops, a backsplash, and new stainless appliances… Not to mention, it would be ideal to knock a wall or two down! The backyard will also need a lot of landscaping! I’m going to trade out the red for something less patriotic… And go green instead! I’ll add more modern finishes and make the curb appeal for this house something that everyone can appreciate… The best part is – All of this will be done in hopefully just one short month! Stay tuned!

MY FLIP TIP: Prioritize. Sometimes you can’t do everything for a house, so you need to look at what matters most and what will make the biggest impact. 



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