Ready? Set? Shop!

Shopping is just a small part of flipping houses but it’s an important part! You’ve got to get good deals without sacrificing quality or style. This is definitely a fun part of flipping but it also takes a lot of time. I love sales – When something is on clearance and some people might be buying one… I’m the guy that buys 50 of them! Cabinet knobs, light fixtures, faucets – You name it! I’ve got them stocked up and ready to go for the next house! BUT eventually the goodies run out and it’s always important for the style to be unified throughout the home. This means hitting the shops – Seeing whats available, what’s new, and what specials stores are happening… Both on location AND online! Online shopping is a flippers best friend. You can get everything you need in one place, shipping is often free, and it comes straight to your home or even the project site! Every time I start a new project, I start on… It takes a lot of searching, clicking, and pre-planning to find the perfect fixtures that every house deserved. This blog is a short one because I’ve got a lot more shopping to do!

MY FLIP TIP: Look for the best deal but don’t sacrifice quality and style. Often when you’re shopping for a flip project, you’re shopping to give a future buyer, the style they don’t have 😉


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