Currently I’m prepping to get Avalon on the market – It’s got a few more full days and then it will be market ready! This house has really been a fun project… It was hard initially for me to wrap my head around the design concept I wanted to proceed with because it meant embracing different materials, textures, and colors. 

Now that that teaser is out there – I’ll circle back to Transformation Thursday. The backyard at Avalon has been really fun and has made a massive transformation… All of this backyard excitement made me think back to one of my earlier projects on Laurie Lane. The backyard at this house was a disaster! The first challenge was the size of it… It was located on a large cul-de-sac lot that was very deep. It offered a “pool” but that frankly looked more like a swamp, and even worse… The tree’s hadn’t been cut in years and it started to look like Harry Potter’s Forbidden Forest!  

IMG_1950 IMG_3010 IMG_2784 IMG_2782


We set to work on transforming the backyard to make it a selling point for the home! The entire pool got new blue glass tile around the entire pool edge. This was complimented by acid washing the pool and fresh pool paint… I didn’t know you could even paint a pool – But you can! After the pool’s facelift was complete, we focused on the curbing and decking. There was a big chunk missing… Luckily we found a guy on Craigslist that was able to reform it for us. The shape was perfect, but the color wasn’t even close… So my wonderful Mom and I spent Mother’s Day refinishing the ENTIRE pool deck so that it matched. Hours upon hours in the hot sun, our work paid off and the end result as a sparkling pool with a great pool deck perfect for entertaining. We couldn’t stop there. Interesting fact… Most landscapers or gardeners don’t trim palm tree’s… So once again I resorted to Craigslist and found a palm tree trimmer, but BEWARE – It’s expensive to cut away years of palm fronds but it made a huge impact. We decided to break up the massive yard by doing a fresh area of grass complimented by curvilinear lines of two tone gravel. The transformation was huge and was a beautiful addition to all the home changes we made!

IMG_4128 IMG_4132 Cozy Firepit Sparkling Pool

MY FLIP TIP: Sometimes doing things yourself saves money and turns out better. You need to weigh out the pros and cons and decide what you can do vs. what you need to hire someone else for!


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