I’m not sure if UN-STAGING is even a phrase, BUT it should be… AND that’s how I spent my day today. I’m so tired! Over 7 hours of moving furniture, decorative accessories, artwork, and other home essentials from a flip house back to the home I borrowed it from (Thanks Rick & Garry ). Staging totally helps a home as long as it’s done right, and in this situation, I strongly believe it helped sell the house. I always do some staging, but this was my first time going all out and fully staging the home….

Buccaneer (27) Buccaneer (47) Buccaneer (49) Buccaneer (53) Buccaneer (39) Buccaneer (17)

I’m so grateful for being able to borrow the furniture BUT for all the time, effort, sweat, bumps and bruises – I won’t be doing it again. Next time I need to fully stage a home, we’ll buy everything, have it delivered, and then sell it with the home. Perfect solution… AND regardless, the good news is that Buccaneer is SOLD and should hopefully close escrow tomorrow!

10620642_10105117773792230_8698031831687461188_nCheck out my instagram: Here is an example of today’s post! See That Enthusiasm On My Face? It’s Fake. Long day of Un-Staging… Thanks Chris Escarcega from New Blooms Landscaping for all the help moving furniture! #flippingdiaries with @mrjamesjudge

MY FLIP TIP: How valuable is your time? Is it better to pay a Stager or buy everything as I suggested? Sometimes doing it yourself might be worth the money saved while other times it’s not.


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