Demo is underway and this house on 16th Ave will be awesome when it’s finished! This home has so many windows and the abundance of natural light is amazing! We will definitley need to do new windows throughout to capitalize on what the house already offers but the great thing is that is already has a new roof, new carpet and fresh paint inside which will definitely save some money. Overall the goal of this flip will be to bring a modern style to the house so that it appeals to the demographic of buyers. In this flip, I’m going to keep the fresh white paint throughout as much as possible and instead do colored baseboards, trim, and doors – Having this contrast should really enhance some of the horizontal and vertical lines in the home for added visual interest. The biggest change in this home by far will be the kitchen… It’s huge! But completely enclosed – Opening it to both the dining and living room will create a better flow and optimize the functionality of the space too! Check out some of the before pictures below and stay tuned for the changes to come!

IMG_5785 IMG_5793 IMG_5796 IMG_5803 IMG_5824 IMG_5827

MY FLIP TIP: Look for houses that already have unique features and then try to determine what you can do to enhance them further. This is not only good design, but also something that will appeal to buyers!


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