Perhaps you recall my previous blog titled ‘Not Ideal, But Still A Deal’ – Well this is that house! Great square footage, lots of interior features that we could work with, but located on a busy street. With all that taken into consideration, it was still a deal that we couldn’t pass up. Some of my favorite AFTER photos are below, but to see all the before and after photos, check out this link: http://www.mrjamesjudge.com/15th-ave.html

My biggest goal with this flip was to minimize the feeling of the busy street. I did this by having a large modern, wood, slatted divider built at the front of the house to block the front door and large living room window. This created privacy for the home, while also providing something better to look at from inside rather than cars driving by. This feature is becoming a flippingdiaries signature and it’s now my fifth home that we’ve used it at. To further minimize the busy street from inside the home, I also made sure that all of the windows had blinds. Thankfully many of the windows already had them, but all of them needed to be cut to fit the window size appropriately. It was my first time ever providing blinds with a flip, but my hope was that as potential buyers are walking through the home they are more focused on the interior, and not distracted by the street outside. Finally, I decided that if you’re going to have a house on a busy street… Then you better have some rockin’ curb appeal so that people turn their heads as they drive by! This was a really fun part for me because I used two types of lower fencing to provide visual interest and bring some much-needed dimension to the home. My favorite curb appeal feature is the painted puzzle fencing that features the address of the home: 4433. This gives the home a big wow factor and was a great way for me to tie in all of the colors used throughout the project.

15th - 4433 (56)

Inside the home, I focused on what all flips need… A beautiful and functional kitchen with upgraded bathrooms! The kitchen originally had some decent cabinets, but not enough of them… Therefore I was able to source some similar cabinets and then mix-n’-match them into a design that made sense. My favorite part about the kitchen was using the classic white subway tile I got @homedepot and taking it all the way up the walls from the countertop to the ceiling. This was my first time doing a backsplash like this but it made such an impact on the kitchen’s design! Another one of my favorite things in this home was how we moved the W&D from being outside on the patio to being inside the home. If you check out the before photos, you’ll notice that there was previously a walkway from the kitchen to the hallway. We eliminated that and created a space that could accommodate two full size machines. The result was a cool chalk board wall in the kitchen, and awesome green sliding barn doors in the hallway… All adding function and design at the same time! The master bathroom was another great transformation because the previous shower felt like something you’d find in an RV. The ceiling was so low and it was a very shallow space. We opened up the walls to find AC ducting above it that we were able to reroute directly into the bathroom from the ceiling, but also almost two feet of wasted space on the plumbing wall. With some basic plumbing adjustments, we were able to dramatically increase the size of this shower making it feel like a master bathroom!

15th - 4433 (33) 15th - 4433 (20) 15th - 4433 (24) 15th - 4433 (27)

15th - 4433 (18) 15th - 4433 (8) 15th - 4433 (11)

MY FLIP TIP: Have fun with design. Green might not be everyone’s favorite color, but I used it strategically so that it can be easily changed by the new home owner’s if they want something else… But in the meantime, it makes a huge impact on the home!


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