IMG_0083Whoah. I apologize for the gap between blogs, but life has been crazy busy recently! I celebrated my 28th birthday and enjoyed an awesome gift of floor tickets to the Katy Perry’s Prismatic concert from my partner Andy. It was an awesome concert and we were so close to the stage! The first time I ever saw her in concert was when I was backpacking across Europe and found myself in Budapest where she was filming her music video ‘Firework’ and gave a local concert as well. Since that time, not much has changed… I love Katy Perry and I think she and I should be friends.

Mexico Pic

My bestie Lisa also flew down from Minnesota with her girlfriend Tara to help celebrate my birthday. Totally awesome to see them and so fun to have them In Phoenix… But we didn’t stay here long – Instead we went down to Rocky Point, Mexico and enjoyed some relaxing time on the beach collecting shells, swimming in the sea, beautiful sunsets and eating some rockin’ fish tacos! Yum!

But in between all of that… Another home was finished! 15th Ave is complete and on the market. Such a fun house and a very quick turn-around. I was so impressed with the guys   and their organization on this project. We are definitely growing and improving, producing better work and at a quicker pace which is always the goal when you’re flipping. However, knowing that I was leaving town… I knew this house had to be done. The night before photos, it was cleaned from top to bottom while I was speeding down the isles at Target buying staging items. This was followed by several hours placing everything and making it look more like a home. I caught a few zzzzz’s and then was up at 5am to meet with Freddie to pick up the patio furniture and dining table (I am so grateful for that man… And his truck and trailer too). We got those delivered to the house, and I did blue tape. When I ‘blue tape’ a home, it basically means that I’m pointing out all the flaws I can see so that touch ups can be done whether it’s a little caulking, or painting a scratch. ‘Blue Tape’ is an essential part of the project because after working on a home for so long its easy not to “see” things, but buyers will, so it’s important to get fresh eyes on the home before it hits the market. By 7:30am I was having a panic attack because the landscaper wasn’t there and we had weeds everywhere… Not only that, but the front yard fencing was still being constructed. At 8:30am the landscaper was there and the weeds were disappearing. The fence was also taking shape but it still needed to be painted! Yikes! At 9:15am the photographer was supposed to be arriving… The backyard was done but the front yard was still incomplete. He pulled up at 9:30 just as the final boards were being screwed together. Thankfully he was able to start inside the home and then shoot the backyard…. Allowing enough time for the guys to clean-up in the front yard and get every everything out of there! By 10:15am the photographer was shooting the front yard and nobody but us would ever imagine that just 45 minutes before that, the property looked like a total construction zone with paint, 2×4’s, and trash scattered around the yard. Check out the photo to the left… Totally not what the photographer expected when he arrived and IMG_0004the final part of this project was definitely a scene out of Extreme Makeover Home Edition… Where the family just arrived and the house wasn’t quite done. Very exciting, but very exhausting too! Nonetheless, the photos turned out great and really captured the home’s urban vibe. Check back tomorrow for all the Before & After’s of 15th Avenue along with a few of my favorites!

MY FLIP TIP: Don’t give up. Even when it seems impossible. You can do it!


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