When I have so many houses going… It also means that I have so many bills to pay. Power, water, gas, and insurance multiplied by however many houses I’m doing… That’s a lot of paperwork. Nonetheless, I’m happy to say they are all paid for now… At least until the next round comes in. When flipping houses, I always think it’s important to get paper bills because it’s easier to keep track of them individually vs. trying to maintain it all online. I also think it’s important to have an assistant… Even if they have 4 legs like Toby (He doesn’t really help much, but the company is always nice!)


MY FLIP TIP: Try to “batch” things. It takes a lot of time to answer individual e-mails or pay a single bill. If you can wait until things build up a little, it’s often times easier to respond to multiple e-mails at the same time or pay all the bills at once. This saves you time overall… And truthfully, I have Andy to thank for this – It was his concept, that he wanted me to apply and I’m so grateful that he did ❤


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