I’m back from my second trip to Palm Springs while working on the flip project there. It was a very productive trip since I officially hired a contractor and had some fantastic concept development for the home. I needed some “me” time at the house to stroll through it by myself and really imagine how the home should be. This is something I talked a lot about it previous blogs because it’s my process. My infamous line back in college was “My process is not your process” because in design school they teach you about bubble diagrams and box diagrams and other tools that I don’t even remember… All of which is combined into a 75-100 page booklet called the ‘Process Packet’ – I hated these with a passion because not only did we receive a grade on them, which I didn’t think was fair (because how can you grade someone’s process?) but they took so much time to assemble… And regardless, at the end of the day – My process was not their process.

I do believe that bubble diagrams are the answer for some people and box diagrams for others… Which is why it was extremely beneficial to learn about, I just didn’t agree with how it was inforced because they weren’t the answer for me. I work best when I just left my imagination wander. Back when I was in school, it was just a matter of me daydreaming about the project, but today my process is best executed by being inside the house and seeing beyond the awkward walls, ugly cabinets, and terrible flow. In Palm Springs, initially I was planning to keep the kitchen layout as-is and just open the wall to create bar seating. However, when I stood back near the entry of the house and imagined the wall gone, I realized the kitchen actually needs to be rotated to the back wall so that the entire space has a better flow and also an incredible island with a ton of seating! The future buyers of this home will likely be buying it as a vacation home and so although the current breakfast nook is cute, a huge island will be better utilized. Now it’s just a matter of making sure that this can be done. Check out the photos below to get a better idea of what I’m talking about.

FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender

In the first photo, you can see the main entry to the house on the left side of the picture That’s where I was standing when I imagined the wall on the right side of the picture completely removed (Instead of keeping part of it for a raised bar). By removing it completely, the two spaces will flow together seamlessly. In the second photo, that’s the other side of the wall that’s being removed. You can see the plumbing below the window – That will stay there for the kitchen sink and dishwasher, but now imagine standing in the same spot where I took the photo and seeing through the wall, past the dining room, straight to the entry – It would be beautiful! Then the wall behind me which isn’t shown in the photos will now be the new home for the stove and refrigerator along with so much more storage and counterspace. I’ll be back to Palm Springs in about two weeks – Stay tuned for more!

MY FLIP TIP: Do what works for you. Find your process and embrace it.


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