This is how I spent my evening last night. Sometimes it seems like bad days gang up and hit me all at once. Apparently a buyer can still cancel on the day they are suppose to close escrow – Which is exactly what happened yesterday. The entire house had been unstaged, everything cleared out, loan went through, docs were sitting at title, and they simply decided they didn’t want to buy the house. Granted their earnest money was forfeited to us, and we could pursue them legally, but that would only hold up selling the house longer which as a flipper, just doesn’t make sense. Why did they cancel? This question drives me crazy… Are they getting a divorce? Did they get cold feet? Did they view the house unstaged and freak out when they realized they actually have to make it look stylish themselves? Are they moving to China? The unfortunate thing is that most of the time as a seller, you don’t get real answers. Regardless, this makes me lose so much faith in the real estate process. I’m not a Realtor, and part of me thinks that might be the problem. As a flipper, I should have that knowledge first hand and not just learn about it as I go. The combination of drinking vodka while eating sorbet, watching Scandal and seeing a real estate course on LivingSocial made it an easy decision and perhaps this is the silver lining. I don’t actually want to be a Realtor because that’s not my passion, but to have that knowledge and to potentially have more direct access would be fantastic.

MY FLIP TIP: Good comes from everything. Often it’s hard to see, but if you look close enough – It’s always there.


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