I hope that you are all have a very happy holiday season. Andy and I returned to the Midwest for Christmas to see our families and had hoped to enjoy some snow, but instead found out that snow decided to take a vacation this year! Nonetheless, it’s probably for the best since we have been traveling ALL over Minnesota and Wisconsin.

One of my favorite things about traveling is noticing good design. The Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport offering me exactly that… WOW – They really did a makeover on this place and the design is so smart. Rather then having your standard rows of uncomfortable chairs facing awkwardly at strangers, they instead have comfortable seating arranged in groupings so that you can sit together with people your traveling with, or sit alone and enjoy your privacy. The awesome thing, is that not only did they think of comfort, but they also took technology for travelers to a whole new level providing iPad’s at each grouping to play games, check the weater, surf the net, and also order food (And there is no shortage of outlets either!!!) The result is that this airport looks more like a swanky lounge, instead of the kind of place that so many people dread. Check out some of these pics to see what I mean!

FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender

MY FLIP TIP: Be inspired! I hope other airports are and follow the lead of MSP – Wouldn’t it be great if all airports were like this!


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