I hate unpacking. I love going on vacation. But then we come home and there is unpacking, laundry, folding clothes and frankly I’m not a fan of the whole process… Especially when the last two months have been crazy and we also came home to a mountain of boxes and items that were leftover from the project I finished in Palm Springs days before leaving. It’s just a tedious thought just thinking about all of the IKEA returns in my future… They have the heart symbol with the open arms all over their store that says “It’s okay to change your mind” But what they really mean is “The more you change your mind, the longer we are going to make you sit in the lounge waiting for your little paper number to be called”  – I swear the IKEA return process takes forever, just so you never want to return anything ever again. Brilliant business plan.

I will absolutely avoid that task for another day and instead I focused on the Ashland project. This is the house Andy I purchased on New Year’s Even after a blurry 48 hour transaction. Just before we left, I finished all of the floor plans and detail plans for the house knowing that the project must go on… even as I was on my way to Bora Bora. Thank god for Freddie – This man is my partner in crime when it comes to flips and he was able to get the whole house demo’d and almost completely re-framed while we were gone. Andy and I met Freddie at the house and reviewed the floor plans… unfortunately I didn’t take the wall width into consideration (as I was frantically trying to sketch things out before boarding a plane) therefore the plans needed to be modified and we lost a shower  leaving the house with 2.5 baths rather than 3 (Oh the horror). But ultimately… I think it was for the better because the space flows nicer and there is more useable space.

After Ashland, Andy and I had to rush off back to the airport to get a rental car. For Christmas I got him a new bumper (I know – So romantic…) But he and his Mercedes needed one (long story) and so we figured it was ideal timing to have it painted and replaced while we were in Bora Bora. Totally ideal… Totally didn’t happen, and hence why I found myself at the airport dealing with the aftermath chaos of the Superbowl within the airport and rental car garage. During the Palm Springs projected I often rented cars to drive over rather than putting my miles on Alexis (Yes – That’s the name of my car) and every time I found myself at the rental car desk, they always greet you so pleasantly “Welcome To Phoenix” until they see my ID and realize I’m from here, and then all the pleasant is gone. Sketchy Desert People…

I spent three hours with Larry working on cabinet layouts and selections for Ashland. It’s 17’5″ by 8’0″ so it’s a fairly large space, but still kind of narrow. The plan changed a few times in my mind, but it was in Bora Bora that I was once again inspired, and came up with the perfect plan… But now it’s a matter of making this plan into reality. I often use cabinets from a local company called ‘Better Homes & Cabinets’ – They have decent products and give me a rockin’ discount, but they don’t have a lot of options. What you see is what you get… And on a project that could very likely become my home, I want options! So the hunt begins!

After Larry, I got my haircut and went home to dive into e-mails that were literally overflowing my gmail – Did you know that you can max out your gmail? You can and I did to the point where I could no longer send or receive e-mails. Awesome… Thanks a lot google. The day ended with some heavy deleting, lots of replies a pizza with Andy and a lot of Revenge… Thanks for the nightmares Emily Thorn.

P.S. Now I’m really back… The last blog titled “I’m Back” was just a drill!


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