Wedding Planning, A Wedding, Christmas, New Years, Buying a House (more on that later), Rescuing a Kitten, and Multiple Trips to Palm Springs to finish a flip – It’s been quite the busy past few months.

And then there was Bora Bora!

It was on our honeymoon, enjoying paradise poolside while reading “The Andy Cohen Diaries” (Thank you Jessie for the recommendation!) that I was struck with a realization. I started this blog to share what I was doing, it’s called Flipping Diaries for a reason and that’s exactly what it should be – A diary! Crazy me got caught up trying to keep up with special days, routines, and Flip Tips, while I was missing the good stuff. I was kind of missing out what I do day to day as a flipper.

Granted, I was also enjoying some pretty monumental events, but it was my Bora Bora realization thanks to Andy Cohen that’s going to change this blog moving forward. I obviously don’t have quite as of an exacting life as he does, but if you like design and like what I do, I hope you’ll enjoy my actual diary even better!

Anyways, Bora Bora was incredible. Such an amazing honeymoon! We had an over-the-water bungalow at the Le Meridien that had a glass floor and a spiral staircase down into the water. Yes we even had sharks swimming below us at night… No big deal. There was amazing snorkeling, swimming, and everywhere you look the blue water and coral reefs looked nothing short of a postcard. Not to mention, it was pretty romantic in everyway. I Loved having James and Andy time (Clarification: My Andy – Not Andy Cohen). We need to do it more often. 50+ games of Yahtzee never got old. I think that’s a pretty good sign (He even let’s me count the Yahtzee even if I’ve already crossed it out) Yep! He’s a keeper!

**Shameless Groveling**

Dear Andy Cohen, Thank you for helping me realize all of this while on my honeymoon… I’m sure your ears were buzzing and you didn’t even know why. Please have me as a guest bartender to thank you for this realization (And because frankly I want to be on WWHL to be apart of the action) – XOJJ


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