Today started bright and early with meeting Freddie at Ashland to review floor plans. The home previously had an attached guest house, but we’ve decided to demo the space and convert it to being apart of the main house… Let’s be honest – That house needs a master suite! We were able to lay 2×4’s out where the walls will be and actually ‘walk’ the space to get a feel for it… I’m so excited – It’s going to be fantastic!

While I was there, Freddie and I reviewed the binsr for 17th Ave. A binsr is what buyers submit to sellers as additional terms/request in order to purchase the home. 17th Ave is a house that has almost sold three times… It seems like all the crazy people in Phoenix tried to buy it and then flaked out (Reference the post: Vodka & Sorbet)… Nonetheless, after several months it seems like this beautiful house will now be a home with a new family because we are set to close on the 10th! The binsr for this house was slightly ridiculous, but I was also in no position to bargain… They actually requested paint touch ups (Seriously? What Realtor actually puts that in a contract for their client?)… All of the touch ups will be done tomorrow and the home will be prepped for the final walk through!

After all the home planning and discussing with Freddie, I retreated back to the house to chain myself to the computer for the whole day to catch up on the hundreds of unanswered e-mails, and miscellaneous phone calls I had to return. It became a fairly boring day, but very productive. Mid afternoon an e-mail came through about a potential deal in Palm Springs… Hopefully we can submit an offer on it because it would be really fun to do another flip in that market now that I’ve got a team established.

My day finished with online shopping… I sometimes wonder if Amazon tracks my activity? But I also wonder why they haven’t offered me a gig yet to review their products since I buy so much for houses? I frankly think they are missing out on a prime customer/marketing campaign! I found an awesome light fixture that I’m obsessed with for the Ashland dining room. Thai food with my Andy and an episode of Scandal completed the night… I thought about going to the gym, but never made it. I wish the concept of “It’s the thought that counts” applied to that!

PS – Alas, Andy Cohen still hasn’t asked me to be a guest bartender. Perhaps tomorrow.


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