2.5.2015 – The Hill House

This morning I went hunting! And not for deer like most people from the Midwest, but rather for cabinetry! I love the feeling of finding a deal. My current cabinet company has been good to me, but their options are so limited and although the quality is fine for a flip, it should be better and I want to find that. The first place I checked out was J&K Cabinets, which apparently is the largest Chinese Cabinet Provider in the United States… Who knew? Nonetheless, I do have to say they seem to produce a great product (dove tailed drawers, soft close, easy glide) and their door styles are a lot more versatile. Plus, I love Chinese food so it only makes sense that I should love Chinese cabinetry as well! They don’t install… But they did offer me contractor pricing which is music to my ears! So far, this place is winning!

The next place I check out was BMO – Builder’s Material Outlet. This place was a handyman’s playground… I felt a little out-of-place wearing my fedora and button-down shirt, but it was still an interesting place to wander. They carry a brand called Sollid cabinets which seems to be fairly popular in Arizona, but it’s not totally user-friendly nor is there a contractor discount. Lame. However, this place had so many windows and doors and fixtures, that it seems like the perfect place to come when you’re looking for something specific… Great place to keep in mind for the future.

On my way home I stopped by to pick up a tile sample that I ordered while I was on my honeymoon (Yes – I’m crazy and wanted a sample of the tile I saw while we were on vacation)… It was a beautiful grey 6×24 tile done in a herringbone pattern. The tile that came in was nothing like the one I requested, and to make it worse – It was $7.49 a square foot… Are these people insane? I obviously have another day of hunting ahead.

I stopped home to write some checks (weird… People want to get paid?) and in the process, our cleaning lady said I was looking Pudgey! Awesome. So I guess this is what married life is like – Sorry Andy… After I left our casa, I went to the Hill House to meet with the demo crew for Day 1 of demo!!! This is a property that I purchased a few years ago. Technically it’s my first house… A half burnt, boarded up, partially caving in-house that happens to be hillside, backing to a natural preserve, with beautiful mountain views – Did you get all of that? Basically it’s a terrible house on an amazing lot. There were some very special circumstances with this deal and I couldn’t pass it up, but I also couldn’t afford to do anything to it until now… So after almost three years of it sitting – The time has come and it will soon be a beautiful house. I’m so excited about this project because I’ve probably designed it in my head at least 50 times… And not only was it technically my first house, but it will also be my first individual flip without investors. It will be a lot of work (By far the worst house I’ve ever done) but it will be a beauty when it’s complete… The orignal house wasn’t so bad, but sometime in the home’s history it was doubled in size without permits and without any proper design or construction… Which ultimately resulted in a small fire. My plan is to tear down the part that was never supposed to be there (Also the burnt part) and take it back to its original form… The house will also need a garage built and potentially an addition in order to bring top dollar – Which would be near territory for me since I never change the footprint of the home when I’m flipping, but this project is an exception.

IMG_2580 IMG_2576 IMG_1604 IMG_1598 IMG_1596 IMG_2579

After leaving the Hill house so the demo crew could get back to work, I headed to my Mom’s for the night. We went out for dinner at Squid Ink and had a nice time catching up, looking at trip pictures, and discussing the floor plans for the Ashland project!


One thought on “2.5.2015 – The Hill House

  1. You are doing great and fun work! Congrats on your marriage; wishing you both much happiness and laughter in your life together. Take care and keep up the diaries!

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