2.7 & 2.8.2015 – THINKING OF YOU ALWAYS

February 7th is always a tough day for my family and I. It’s been six years now since my Dad passed away and everything changed.  I think about him constantly and I know he would be so proud of everything I’m doing. His little boy became a businessman! It’s definitely something that’s in my blood, but not something that any of us would have expected to happen that way that it did. I’d like to think that he has helped to guide me in the right direction and I believe that he will always be my guardian angel.

I spent the morning sourcing appliances for upcoming projects. So many people probably assume that I just walk into a store and make it rain when I buy these, but really it’s quite a chore… They’ve got to be stainless and in good condition, but they don’t need to be new. Shockingly, a lot of high quality appliances will get donated because home owners want something different. I always try to buy these because the deal is unbeatable… However, because without a crystal ball, I never know when those will come… So most of the time I resort to places like Sears Outlet or Second Hand Appliance Stores, which oddly seem to be everywhere in Phoenix. It makes me wonder if places like this have always existed or if I just started to notice them when I started flipping? Nonetheless, I found some good deals and now I just need to determine what appliances will go into what project. In the afternoon, I went back to the house feeling a little blah and decided I should be productive… Bring on the thank you cards! Considering how busy the last two months have been, Andy and I still haven’t done our thank you cards for our wedding gifts. I’m pretty sure we’ve missed the proper etiquette for sending those, but hopefully people will understand that we are very thankful, we do really appreciate it, and we are sorry for the delay! After getting about half done – Andy and I went to Jes and Bobby’s house for an awesome dinner. They are so much fun!

On Sunday, I got up and continued working on thank you cards (I’m so dedicated like that), but then had to stop at noon to go to the house on 17th Ave to do the final walk through with the buyers. This is typically something that’s done privately between the buyer and buyers agent… However, moving forward I always want to be there. Firstly, it’s nice to meet the people who are buying the house I worked so hard on, but secondly it’s nice to be able to talk them through things, answer questions, and ease any last-minute buying jitters they might have. So many times, first time home buyers are scared and I think it’s important to have a representative (myself) from the selling side so that they see that we care about the house and want to make sure that they are happy there. Everything went very smooth, and so we are still scheduled to close on Tuesday. After my meeting, I went to the new Fez (Love their redesign) and met up with Andy, Tom, Mike, Jefferson, Austin, and Ramiro for brunch. Without a doubt, it became a Sunday Funday… Bloody Marys, and Bellinis, and Mimosas – Oh my!


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