2.10.2015 – 17th SOLD!

We still don’t have Internet. It’s amazing how easy it is to forget and how much it’s missed. I’ve resorted to draining my iphone battery because I’m using it for everything. I got up early to meet Rogelio at Ashland. Chris… My previous landscaper left me for other yards… I’m slightly torn up about it, but he lives too far away and my yards were worth the long distance relationship… So time for a new landscaper! Before Chris, this was one field that I really struggled to find someone that was reliable, reasonable, and fair. I feel like I’m a pretty decent client to have because I don’t’ just have one yard to maintain… I’ve got four right now and often times many more then that! I just need good communication and follow through. Fingers crossed for Rogelio!

Freddie and I reviewed numbers for Ashland (Yikes! Never the fun part) and finalized sewer and plumbing layouts. Freddie is amazing and I am so fortunate to work wit him. After Ashland’s plans were established, I went to 17th with him and Andy to haul out all of the staging items. It’s so much more fun to take them in, then it is to take them out… Because as Freddie has said “Sometimes it’s like the magic goes with it” – But that’s the magic that we need to sell the home, and now it’s up to the buyers to make their own and turn the house into a home. Half of the staging items went to the flip I did on Avalon because I have no room to store anything right now. Thankfully everything fits there nicely so it’s actually an asset to the house! The rest of things came back to our house and it was like a puzzle… But it was all worth it once I got the e-mail with those magic words… Congratulations! Your home has closed and funded! Hooray! 17th Ave is SOLD!

17th (31) 17th (16) 17th (42) 17th (41) 17th (35) 17th (1)

I wanted to celebrate and crack open a bottle of champagne, but that will need to wait for another day because I had appointments to view two potential flips – BOTH in the Willo District located on Granada Road which is a very prestigious neighborhood in Central Phoenix. I met my Realtor Shane at the first property, but got there early so I spent time calling the utility companies and turning off the utilities for 17th Ave (This is so tedious… You’re probably thinking – Why doesn’t he just have them set up online? But frankly, I’m old school and when I’m working on so many houses… It gives me peace of mind to make that call and hear the verbal confirmation). The first house we viewed has been on the market awhile and I can see why… For a historical house, it’s void of all charm and character. The layout is whack AND it’s all different levels. This house needs me… But I’m not sure if I need it. I would love it for the right price, but it’s listed at $320k and although there is still a margin there… I don’t know that it’s enough. The second house we looked at is priced at $299k and I love it. Omg it has a barrel vaulted ceiling. I spent three hours here walking the house and figuring it out with Shane and Freddie. Call me crazy – But I got a good feeling about it. I just know I could make this house amazing. I could see the layout and feel the way it would flow. This is one of the most important things about buying a house to me… Feeling good doesn’t mean we’ll get the house, (especially because there are multiple cash offers and it will likely go over list price) but I hope we do. Plus the flip price could be around $475k so it’s got a nice margin!

While I was at Granada, Shane mentioned that a girl he went to high school with is now a producer in LA for HGTV and reached out to him because she saw all of the houses he has on facebook… My houses 🙂 I’ve always wanted to get involved with television and do a design show. I did several auditions when I was in college and had a lot of close calls, but it never worked out and frankly, I also had no experience yet. Now I’ve got the experience – I’m great at what I do and I’m surrounded by other great people, which together… We make a rockin’ team and what we do here in Phoenix could totally be a TV show! Hopefully something with Shane’s contact develops – I have a good feeling about 2015!

The day ended with Andy fixing the internet. Thank god. I love my tech savvy man.


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