Do you want my autograph? Or 20 of them? Sometimes that’s what it feels like, but I have no complaints when it comes to signing closing paperwork for a flip and that’s exactly what we did this morning! One of my favorite flips is finally selling. It’s an adorable house, which went through a lot of silly buyers to finally get the right one. It’s always tough when you hold a house for one reason or another but that’s all part of the game and I’ve been fortunate to always come out ahead with every flip I’ve ever done! The buyer has already signed, but funds haven’t been wired so we won’t actually close until tomorrow… At this point, it’s pretty safe, but until the money hits the account, I’m always a little anxious!

After all the paperwork was signed, I left Arrowhead and headed back downtown. On my way I stopped at Stardust Building Supplies and heard that I missed out on a beautiful 48” range that was at one of the other stores. I’ve been looking for high-end appliances for a while now, and apparently there was one sitting at the Mesa location forever (Which I never go to… Because it’s in Mesa) and they sold it yesterday. I used to be so hooked up with these guys and they would text or call me every time something good came in. I obviously need to start bringing pizza again!

After I left Stardust full of disappointment and regret, I drove to the Hill House to check on the progress there and was very pleased! The guys have most of the unpermitted part torn down and it look better already! Hard to truly say that since there is still a ton of debris to be removed, but this is the first step in a truly massive renovation! My biggest struggle with this since they’ve started is that I’ve realized that part of the original house has a gabled roof and the other part has a flat roof… Why would anyone build it like that? It makes no sense and looks extremely goofy. You can see that they built a gabled roof over the top of the flat part at some point (Builder’s Remorse?) but it still looks funky. Hopefully they will be done by Friday.

On the way home, I stopped by Ashland. The HVAC and sewer are well under way and that means the plumbing and electrical will be starting soon. This is definitely the most changes that I’ve done to a house before while still working within the same footprint. It’s exciting but also challenging since it will potentially be our home because there are so many little “extras” that are nice to do if it’s our house, yet aren’t really necessary/profitable if it’s just a flip. This is a great learning experience.
Our Internet is out… How does this happen? When it comes to being tech savvy, I can honestly say… I’m not. Very frustrating. Andy pushed a lot of buttons and still no success. Apparently our router is bad and we need to buy a new one? That definitely falls on the Andy to-do list and not mine! Phew! Our friend Tony stopped by and dropped off a door and four windows for free! I love free stuff and it was so awesome of him because they will all be put to good use – Thanks Tony! Once Andy was done with work, he and I went to Scottsdale to meet up with my family friend Katie Murphy and her fiancé Clay – Such a nice guy and what a cute couple! Dinner was so nice and I had fried chicken. Yum. Totally a good way to end the day!


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