2.11.2015 – Only One Willo

Today’s a quick one… Sometimes it shocks me how much time some things take. I dedicated today to be a computer today so I could do accounting for houses, and to try and update my website but instead most of the day was consumed by phone calls and catching up on e-mails which takes forever because they keep coming!

We submitted on both houses in the Willo District on Granada Road. We were outbid on the house I really wanted (The Omg Barrel Vaulted Ceiling House), but had our offer accepted on the one I don’t really want (The Whack House). Tomorrow I’m scheduled to meet Shane and Freddie there to see if the deal makes sense.

Two highlights for the day. Firstly, Andy and I received our wedding gift from Lindsey and she knitted us each our own lumbar pillows! Totally thoughtful and I LOVE them and seriously want a full set now (hint hint). The second highlight was stopping by the Hill House to check on the demo progress and I was there to see the last wall come down! I took video and will share it tomorrow… Pending a lesson from my tech savvy husband!


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