2.12.2015 – Updated mrjamesjudge.com

Today I got all the Before & After’s uploaded on my site for two of my most recent flips! The first is of the mid-century modern home in Palm Springs. Such a rockin’ transformation! I actually want to buy this house – So hopefully someone else feels the same way! If you want to see the Before & Afters – Check out this link!


I also uploaded all the Before and Afters for my most recent project in Phoenix. This one was one of the most challenging projects yet and was a total overhaul! To see the transformation, click the linke below!


I love uploading those because it’s the best way for people to see the changes that we made. I always try to take the pictures from the same location/angle so you get the full affect! In the process of all the uploading, I was also stalking a home in Sedona on auction.com…

After I finished those updates, I went back over to the Willo house today with Shane and Freddie where we have the accepted offer to see it again. It’s a large home at almost 2300 square feet, but it needs so much work… New plumbing, new electrical, new windows, new roof, new AC… And those are all big ticket items. Plus in comparison to the other house, it has no charm and needs to be completely reconfigured. Granted, we did get it accepted for $20k below list price but even that doesn’t seem like a good enough deal now. I’m also currently in the middle of doing two major projects (Ashland and now starting the Hill House) so it would be so nice to do something that is more cosmetic rather then a total overhaul. BUT, I do see the potential… Great curb appeal, great neighborhood, great square footage… We’ll see – Time to do some research and negotiating.

After we were done at the Willo house, Freddie came over to help with estimates on a few things we need done at our house before we consider selling it. After flipping over 30 homes in the last three years, you’d think that our house was flawless… But we still need new windows, who knows the last time the exterior was painted, and there are the common touch ups from living in a home! Don’t get me wrong, Andy and I have a very cute house, but in order for us to get top dollar – We’ll need to maximize it’s potential just like I would with any other house.

The night ended with my fight against Pudgy by going to the gym. “Hello cardio! Good to meet you again!” Ugh…


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