2.14 & 2.15.2015 – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cuddling on the couch wasn’t totally true… That was how the night ended, but prior to that I was not happy with him. Andy loves doing musical theatre and he is fantastic at it. I enjoy watching him on stage and seeing him perform, but I don’t always love the commitment it involves… Such as a 12 hour rehearsal on Valentines Day. I know its tech week and blah blah blah, but seriously? So needless to say, I wasn’t exactly pleased that are first Valentine’s day together as husbands would involve him being MIA until 11pm and myself alone… To do what you might ask? But subject myself to IKEA on a Saturday.

I swear I’m not dumb. It just ended up being the most ideal day to do it because I could borrow Andy’s car and since it was Valentine’s Day… I had nothing else to do. I pulled into the parking lot and it was packed. Note to self – This is a red flag. I had no trouble finding a spare cart (Since everyone in AZ is lazy and doesn’t put them in cart racks) and loaded all of the items. As I’m entering IKEA, all I can think about is how many times they might have been sued for their carts. They are terrible and have a mind of their own… So many dented and scratched cars, not to mention people twisting their ankles and tearing their ACL’s as they try to steer the cart towards the door. I finally got all the items I was returning into the store (So many unused shelves from the Palm Springs flip… Which as a FLIP TIP: When I use IKEA products in a flip, I try to customize them to make them look like they’re not from IKEA. For example – I’ll cut the shelves into different lengths and mount them with different brackets. The result is an affordable shelf that looks like it was custom made)… Now back to IKEA, I entered the store and was shocked that as I was pulling the ‘wait number’ from the little dispenser, the same number was being called! Omg – No wait for returns at IKEA. They is miracle and it was the most seamless return I’ve ever done and probably the most seamless in history altogether! The associate even returned a few items for me that were past the 90 days… Incredible. I totally take back what I said about the IKEA return process in my previous blogs. My experience was so good, that unfortunately it made me forget about the red flag I had noted in the parking lot. So after the return, I gleefully proceeded upstairs to do a quick stroll and get inspired (I need really modern cabinets for the Hill House project and IKEA could be a good option)… And although I found the high gloss grey cabinets I would like to use, my glee was quickly demolished by the massive amounts of couples shopping for their homes on Valentine’s Day. It was like Black Friday but with couples! The amount of people was insane and the amount of emotions between them all was overwhelming! Those poor suckers who decided a home project was a good idea as a Valentines Day gift… Big mistake.

After I survived IKEA, I left and went to do my Target returns, which were much less successful. I knew I was past the 90 days and so I was fine with store credit… Because I thought all of the information was still saved on the card that made the purchase… Wrong! After 90 days without a receipt, you can only return up to $70 worth of merchandise… Which means that I’m stuck with over $400 worth of items I don’t want. Now trust me – I deserve this. I have abused their generous return policy on many occasions so it only seems appropriate that this happened to me. Lesson learned: Set a notification on my phone so that it alerts me as the 90 days is approaching…

Afterwards, I ran a few more errands pondering how I could use the Target items I was now stuck with and/or how many people I could ask to do $70 worth of returns… And eventually I made my way home to some accounting for taxes. I hate taxes. I understand the need for them but sometimes I think the system is so wrong… When you’re young and just starting out, I think you should be able to keep more so that you can get ahead and eventually make more sooner. This would be in the best interest of everyone, but apparently I’m the only one that thinks like this.

Towards the end of the day, I started to put my Valentine’s Day plans into action. Although I made Andy feel terrible about being in a 12-hour rehearsal, I’ve got to admire the man for his commitment and I still wanted to do something special. Just as it was getting dark outside, I prepared a midnight picnic. I laid blankets and pillows from the outdoor area we created at our wedding on the lawn and had them surrounded by the candles and lanterns we also had at our wedding (Thankfully our garage still looks like we are wedding planning so I had easy access)… I called the Vig and got a to-go order for two of their Best Turkey Sandwiches (The dinner we had on our first date)… Those and of course the same wine from our wedding made for a cute dinner under the stars when he got home with beautiful roses for me!

On Sunday, Andy woke up with the beginning of a cold so we spent the day relaxing and catching up on Criminal Minds. He had rehearsal at 5 and so when he left for the theatre, I left to go meet up with Tom, Casey, Ramiro, and Mike for a late Sunday Funday. We started at Bliss, then went to Charlie’s, and ended the night at 5&Diner where I enjoyed what I always get: the open faced turkey sandwich smothered in gravy! Delicious! And what can I say… Pudgy happens.


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