2.16.2015 – Happy President’s Day?

I got up early and met Freddie at the Hill House. He boarded up the part of the house that we are keeping (The original part) and painted the exterior of it grey so that it’s not such an eye sore while we are working on it. Then we walked through the house and I explained the design and new layout. This is always one of my favorite parts because it’s when all the creativity is flowing! I put the house together piece by piece in my mind, adding windows, removing walls, changing the ceiling, putting in lighting, selecting materials and more… So that as we begin the project, I can already see the way the house will look when it’s complete. I think that being able to visualize those decisions and changes, is what helps me to be a successful flipper. It allows me to walk through the design and imagine how it will look and flow… But now it’s like a kid waiting for Christmas – I just want it to be done!

When I was done at the Hill House I headed home to enjoy President’s Day… Frankly, I forgot that it was a holiday altogether, yet everything I had to do involved the bank, title company, and the city… And they all had the day off so I decided I should too! I spent my “day off” doing laundry, dishes, and organizing the house. I’d say that I cleaned the house too… But really Virgina did that – And yes! She once again referenced that I’m looking pudgy. Bless her.

Happy President’s Day To Everyone!


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