2.18.2015 – Granada Plans

This morning Andy and I woke up a Facebook notification about The Phoenix New Times. apparently the MonOrchid was chosen as one of the top 25 best wedding venues in Phoenix (Duh – It’s awesome) and they published a photo of our wedding to accompany it which was very cool to see! I guess you could say I’m a published wedding designer now?


I started my day by going to meet Shane at the new flip on Granada. We don’t close for another week yet but I wanted to walk through the house and get a better vision for the layout and changes. Plus, the first thing I do whenever I start a new project is make a ‘to-do” list because it’s what Freddie needs in order to get me estimates. Andy came with to see the house because he didn’t have any clients until the afternoon. He loved the house as well… The Willo District has always been one of our dream places to live in Phoenix and this home ‘checks a lot of boxes’ except for the affordable box… Especially by the time I’m done with it! Below I’ll walk you through some of my design plans for it, but if you want to see some photos of it as well, you can check them out on my website: http://www.mrjamesjudge.com/granada-road-in-progress.html

As of now, the plan is to add a second arched doorway in the entry to the existing hall on the other side. This allows us to create two formal bedrooms with a bathroom in between (Currently these spaces are accessed via doorway by the kitchen and you need to walk through one, to get to the other making them more like big hallways rather than rooms, which obviously doesn’t work well). The existing doorway by the kitchen will then be closed off to create a closet for the new back bedroom. Going back to the entry and walking through the existing arched doorway into the awesome barrel-vaulted living room, that space will stay as-is and just get cosmetic changes (new paint, a rockin’ chandelier, and we’ll give the fireplace a facelift as well). At the other end of the living room, there is an arched doorway that steps down into a lower area that currently offers a small bedroom, bathroom, and office, but they are all at different levels. Therefore we are going to raise the floor in the bathroom so that it’s at the same level as the office. Each of these room will get a new entry from the same level so that there isn’t a funky transition. In the process the bathroom will also get a full remodel, but thankfully I think we can salvage most of the office cabinets and keep that space as-is. The biggest change in this area will be eliminating the small bedroom and converting it back to outdoor space. It seems like it was previously a carport and it would be better if it served the same purpose again due to the low ceilings. This will also help with the curb appeal of the house because if the buyers don’t want to use it as an actual carport, it would be a great covered porch.

Going back through the arched doorway and up a few steps back to the living room, we’ll continue on to the dining room, which has a cool domed ceiling. This space will also get a great light fixture and will be opened to the adjacent kitchen on one side and the sunken family room on the other side with matching arched openings. These spaces already have arched openings, but they don’t line up and they are not sized appropriately. The kitchen will be a full gut job taking it from basic to beautiful with high-end cabinets and appliances. When this space is done, you won’t even recognize it! Leaving the kitchen and crossing back through the dining room into the family room there is a laundry room squeezed into the corner. With the arched opening from the dining room to the family room being adjusted over, this will create an improved laundry room space and it will allow us to add a powder room as well! The family room is a good size, but part of the floor is sunken even lower. We’ll raise the floor in here so that the room is one level all the way across and more functional. This will mean raising the back patio doors as well so you step down outside rather than directly out, but I think it’s worthwhile because it will create a lot more useable space inside. Finally to the left of the family room is an odd back bedroom and bathroom. This space will become the new master suite… I’m not sure of my plans yet because we’ll need to get started with demo first but the goal is to make it luxurious and spacious! Outside we’ll need to extend the block wall in back, add an RV gate and create some covered parking. Plus the whole house needs a paint job and improved landscaping too! When it’s complete it will be a 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom house full of it’s original charm but with an improved layout and upgraded finishes!

IMG_2758  IMG_2806 IMG_2814 IMG_2767

All of this design planning aside, we also had the inspection completed for the other house on Granada to accompany the $40k price reduction request. As expected, the report was rough! The binsr (repair or reduction requests to seller) was formally submitted to the seller and so we should have their reply back in the next few days! When I got home, I checked into a listing in South Scottsdale that Shane sent me. It’s a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home that’s just over 2000 square feet. It has a nice pool, a fireplace, a two-car garage, and generally looks well cared for… Just ugly! Potentially it could be a really good cosmetic flip. Currently the home looks like something you’d see in a retirement community but I imagine the buying demographic to be young and hip… Somebody that wants to be close to the action in Old Town, which means a very modern and sleek style! The flip resale price on it is slightly hard to gauge because there aren’t many comps, which can be good and bad. Regardless, it’s definitely worth submitting a lower offer on it to see what happens because the more I look at it, the more I like it. Also to be continued…

Late in the afternoon I went over to the Ashland project and my Mom joined me to see the progress. She hadn’t seen it since the day before we got it when it smelled like urine and smoke… And still had a junkyard in the back! Needless to say, she was impressed with the transformation. It still doesn’t look like a home inside yet, but it has a better layout, it’s safe now and thankfully the smells are gone! Later in the evening I went to the gym while Andy was at rehearsal and when he got home, he and I made stir fry together… Yes – I helped cook! More like I cut up everything and then he cooked it, but regardless I was apart of the cooking process, which for anyone that knows me… Knows that doesn’t happen much!


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