2.25.2015 – Future Event Designer?

Andy and I met Freddie at the Ashland project and walked through the entire house with him determining our electrical plans… This flip really hasn’t been a normal project because it feels like we are literally building a house rather then remodeling it… We’re just basically building it within the same footprint, but everything is new! We went around the whole house and selected the locations of every light switch, wall outlet, can light, ceiling fan, wall sconce, and light fixture! It was a lot of fun… But also a little stressful! Since there is a good chance that this flip will become our house, it’s a very unique experience to consider all of the details that we’ll eventually live with… Where does the switch for the under cabinet lighting go? What about the exterior lights being on a timer? How many pendant lights? So many decisions to ponder! Andy did great… Until the end when you could just see in his eyes that he was on design overload. The man is very patient, but he can only handle so much!

After Ashland, I ran home for lunch and met Virginia at the house. Toby is in his spring shedding phase… Ugh – It’s disgusting. As far as dogs are concerned, he’s pretty great and really I have no complaints except twice a year, it’s literally like he develops full body alopecia and looses all of his hair… Yet he is still full of more hair. It’s insane and overwhelming… Thankfully, Virginia came to our rescue and helped clean (And there was no reference to me being Pudgy!)

After lunch, I had a meeting at the MonOrchid where Andy and I were married in December. It’s a great venue but they don’t really have a good outdoor area… Or at least they didn’t until I made one for our wedding! I’m very good at staging and for the wedding; I was able to convert their covered parking area into a swanky outdoor lounge! Guests loved the space and so did the MonOrchid… So much that they might be interested in bringing me on to do their outdoor patio staging for future events. This was one of my favorite parts of planning the wedding and it’s something I would have so much fun doing for others… Who knows, I might soon be adding event designer to my resume!

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After the meeting, I circled back to the Ashland project to meet with Freddie and the electrican to see if they had any questions. I was able to answer all of them except for the living room lights… Can lights? Or accent lights? The ceiling will be vaulted and so I think its nice opportunity to do something special… I’m just not sure what would look best?

When I was done, Andy and I went to Tom’s house for dinner where he spoiled us with a huge meal of turkey spaghetti, lots of red wine, great conversation, and at the end of the night… Faucets! Tom hit the “Home Depot Lottery” after doing one product review and now they send him free products for him to try as long as he reviews them. Omg – I want that gig! It’s a brilliant concept because when a store introduces a new product, I imagine it’s hard for them to sell them at first until they have reviews (good or bad)… And so this ensures that they will get product reviews. Five faucets later, the Ashland house will no doubt have some amazing plumbing fixtures! THANKS TOM!


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