2.28 – 3.1.2015: Brrrrrr

No fancy oatmeal for me today… The club lounge is closed for maintenance – Who closes it on a weekend? That is some bad Starwood planning if you ask me! My Mom and I got ready and headed over to Stephanie and Noahs. Brrrrr it’s chilly – Only 7 degrees… Very different then the 77 degrees it was when we left Phoenix! We met with one of their contractors to discuss their built-ins… The home has a lot of cool features and it’s important to maintain those while modernizing the design and improving the floor plan! After the meeting it was off to find some materials. I LOVE Menards. Menards is like the Target of Home Improvement stores and I hate that there isn’t a location in the Southwest. They have such a great selection and their prices are so affordable… Even better than Amazon, which let’s be honest – Doesn’t happen much! Steph already had her floor tile selected, but we were able to find a great backsplash tile, and awesome shower tile too that looks great together and totally achieves her style. When we were done shopping, I spent some more time back over at the new house helping with the layout, and determining where certain light fixtures should go… I’m glad to be able to help with their project because this is something I do every day and find fun, while for them it seems a little overwhelming. The result will definitely be beautiful, but there is still a lot of work to be done!

IMG_3157 IMG_3159

On Sunday, we headed back over to the house to help with moving some of my things that they’ve been storing in the basement. When my Mom officially moved to AZ and we sold our family house in WI, I didn’t have anywhere to go with a lot of my keepsakes… Stephanie was great and offered to store everything in her basement – Until now… When they will soon be selling their house and moving to the newly remodeled house next door. The bad thing is that I don’t really have anywhere to go with my stuff because there aren’t any basements in AZ. The solution (although not ideal) is a storage locker outside Madison. This is the new temporary home of all my school keepsakes, baby keepsakes, clown supplies (Yes – I was SKITTLES the clown as my first job), and all my favorite toys… Legos, Beanie Babies, Dolls, and Trolls (In fact, almost 354 trolls to be precise). In many ways this should make me feel good to have everything in one spot, but at the same time I don’t… I still have a storage locker in Minneapolis, there are still things at Stephanie’s house (toys she wants for Ayla), and now another storage locker. Typically I don’t believe in storage – If you’re not using it, get rid of it… BUT I struggle with it because these were my treasures! The true plan is TBD, but it’s got me thinking that when we build a garage at the Ashland project, ideally we could build a 5′ x10′ addition off of it that we could use for storage… And we could later market it as a “workshop” or “detached office” for resale! The trip to storage was eventful – One of the lids from my storage boxes blew off as we were about to pull on the interstate, we unfortunately took a wrong turn and wound up going towards Milwaukee instead, and once we actually arrived at storage – I was a little surprised at how little all of the things looked in the locker and it started to feel like a pointless effort. Time probably could have been better spent just moving everything over to the new house (my stuff included) but it was important to Steph and now it’s done.

IMG_3148 IMG_3153

We ended the night with Chinese food and picking out fixtures online for the new house… Which quickly put me into house overload… This rarely ever happens but I was reminded of why I flip houses instead of designing for others – People’s opinions are exhausting. Especially when they are my sister’s 🙂 BUT at the end of the day, she needs to do what she wants and I totally support that… Which is why I think consulting could be a good option for me moving forward. People want me to design their homes for them, but I don’t think I have the patience for it, unless I become Jeff Lewis and literally start ‘Flipping Out’ (Maybe this is the answer for my TV dreams… “Dear Bravo, are you reading this?”)… But for my own sanity, I think that consulting is a better option. This would allow me to help people with their homes, give my opinion and even assist with sourcing/planning/etc, but at the end of the day… It’s their decision whether they want to do it or not, and if they don’t – It’s not my problem. The important thing that my brother in-law Noah helped me to establish, is that it’s not black and white… I need to be doing two kinds of consulting: 1. Flip Consulting and 2. Design Consulting… It’s very different if someone wants me to help them design to sell vs. design for their own home. There needs to be a different structure for each. Now it’s time to work on developing those business ideas further!

P.S. On a lighter note… Ayla wanted to contribute to this weekend’s blog! Here is what she had to say 🙂  “‘\p\\\\\\\\\\h mmmmmmmmmmmmmh////ghhfh,.o;’l;l====vc”


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