3.2.2015 – Prairie Modern

Got up early to go over to Steph and Noah’s’ new house. We were able to meet with her electrician and dictate where some of the outlets and switches were going to go in addition to walking through a few layout changes. It was also really nice to be able to look at the materials in better daylight… The house is going to be beautiful and really flow nicely. Now that the space has been opened up, the home has such an amazing open concept… I love it! Stephanie had been planning on going with Brushed Nickel throughout but I really think that oil rubbed bronze is a better choice for her… It will compliment some of the other brown tones throughout the house and really capture the “Prairie Modern” style we’re going for. Frankly, I don’t know that “Prairie Modern” would even be considered a style, but it is now!

Later in the day we went on a Home Depot shopping spree to purchase all of the tile for her entire house and capitalize on a set of special order French doors that had been returned. Back in December when I was here, I decided that the dining room should be converted into a den and that the dining room should be moved to the living room area to create a “great room space” – However, by making the dining room a den, I felt like it needed two sets of French doors… One set to separate it from the new great room, and another set to separate it from the sun porch on the other side. The French doors will add a nice visual detail and will also be a great solution to separate noise and create privacy now that the kitchen is open to the new great room… Thankfully we were able to wheel and deal with Home Depot to get the returned set of special order French doors for almost an additional 50% off the current markdown… Which helped a lot considering she still needs to order another regular priced set 😉

After our shopping spree, we returned back to their house and I walked Stephanie through her existing home to give her pointers on all of the things she should move, change, or improve before listing her house. Their home is very cute, but the way they have it currently doesn’t showcase the home the best that it could and certain areas feel tight. Overall the conversation went well but it was definitely a little overwhelming for her considering everything else they have going on. For dinner we went downtown to a restaurant called The Old Fashion, which happens to be the cocktail of choice that I remember my parents drinking when I was younger… Which I always liked, because it meant I got to eat their garnishes (My dad would get cherries, and my mom would get anything pickled)… I was such a fat kid. Mark joined us for dinner and we all had a really nice time. It’s so awesome that he is helping Stephanie and Noah with their project – He is such a good friend and is so talented! The Old Fashion is right across the street from the capital building and I love that area of Madison… Of course it’s the middle of winter, but the spring/summer/fall farmer’s market is one of my favorite times to go down and walk the square. If you haven’t done it and you ever find yourself wandering around Madison, WI… Make sure you check it out!

After dinner, my Mom and I headed back to the Sheraton and sipped on scotch while we talked about design and my plans for consulting. Altogether, it was a very nice day.


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