3.3.2015 – Farewell WI!

Snow. Ice. Freezing Rain. Yuck. This is what we woke up to this morning… My Mom and I got ready and checked out of the hotel. We took an Uber over to my sister’s house, which is something that I ended up using on several occasions this visit… I love the concept of Uber – It’s so nice to be able to know who is coming to pick you up, what car they are driving, and actually see the little vehicle move along the roads at they get closer to you. Not only that, but it’s great being able to text or call them to tell them something specific, like “We’re at the Sheraton Hotel” so that we’re not outside waiting and they aren’t driving around trying to find it. I know Lift is another similar app, but I’m stuck in my Uber ways for now!

Stephanie had to go to work this morning, so my Mom and I set to work on tearing their house apart… Reconfiguring their furniture, putting things away, condensing clutter, and essentially staging the house with their own stuff – Just with better placement. Stephanie got home around lunch time and was shocked… It was such a good feeling to see how impressed she was with her own home, just as an improved version of it. It’s amazing what people don’t see in their own homes (myself included) because when you live there and look at something every day, after awhile you just don’t notice it anymore and it seems okay. Steph and Noah still need to do some work down in their basement, organize closets a little, and ideally purchase some new decorative pillows (pillows are the answer to everything of course)… AND most importantly, keep it looking like this while they are trying to sell… Yes Noah – That means you 😉

IMG_3204 IMG_3207 IMG_3217 IMG_3221

We got our stuff packed up and ready to go, but before we did – The cabinet guy brought over a door sample for their custom cabinets… So pretty! They are going to look awesome with everything else we selected and designed. I said goodbye to Marky and we headed off to the airport. We stopped for lunch and I played with Ayla some more – Such a cute kid and so well behaved! It’s fun to watch her because she is potentially very musically inclined. She dances and sings and claps her hands in tune to music (or even her crazy uncle attempting to sing to her!) Playing with Ayla makes me very excited to have kids someday. Andy will be an incredible father and I think I could be pretty decent too… I just need to get over being annoyed by the crying part or someone needs to invent a baby mute button!

We got to the airport and boarded our Frontier flight to Denver! The same Korean man was on our flight! We wished him a Happy Life and he said the third time is the charm… Not sure what that meant, but I think it was his way of saying “Until we meet again!” Frontier did a little better on our return flights, but still not a fan of the airlines. We landed back into the warmth of Phoenix… Andy picked us up from the airport and it was so nice to see him – I missed that man!


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