3.10.2015 – Caballaros Offer!

Over the weekend, we decided to reduce the price of the Caballaros house in Palm Springs from $675k down to $650k. OMG. Yes… That’s a $25k price reduction, which gives me a slight panic attack, yet when you’re at that price point… Suddenly a $5k reduction doesn’t do much. Initially the Realtor and investor wanted to drop it down $50k but I went #crazy because that seemed extreme. $625k will likely be the selling point for the house, but I think that it’s nice to do two reductions instead to make sure that no money is left on the table.  Nonetheless, the $25k reduction brought us an offer! YAY! Now offers don’t mean anything until they are signed, sealed, and the money is in the bank… But it’s a start! We’ll see where it goes over the next few days! Hopefully we can get it locked down and sold!

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In the afternoon, Shane and I also went to go check out a new potential flip in Phoenix. It’s near 7th Street and Bethany Home Road… Ironically it’s the same floor plan of a house that I did almost two years ago, but the master bathroom layout is different (and better) plus there is a huge family room that has been built off the back. Not only that, but it’s in an awesome neighborhood. We definitely don’t really need anymore houses at the moment since we’ve got Ashland, the Hill House, Granada, and the Belleview house in Scottsdale soon… BUT a deal is a deal and if we can get this house, I know it would be a fun flip!

In the evening, Andy and I started to prep our house… Even though we are selling it, we need to do a few more improvements to it (New windows, fresh paint (Yes! Still yellow!), and then a few touch ups here and there). The guys will be here in the morning and so it was important that we have the furniture moved and things out-of-the-way… However, prepping the house somehow became us watching ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ instead. Oops!


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