3.9.2015 – FSBO

The plan at this point, is that we will sell our current home and move into Ashland when its complete. However, it’s so much easier said, then done. This is Andy’s first house… And it was actually this house that got me on my first date with him because when we met, he mentioned that he was buying a house, and I was able to casually say “I do houses” – Now 3.5 years later, look where we are! Not only is this his first house, but it’s our first home together… It’s where he proposed to me. And where I proposed to him. Although when I asked him, it was more along the lines of… “Are you sure you want to marry me?” Obviously the answer was still yes and in the process more memories were made. Selling the house is a good opportunity to pay off a chunk of student loans and it’s an opportunity that we should take now, especially when we have another house to make into a home for ourselves… But I know that when we turn around and leave the house, it will be with happy tears in our eyes of all the amazing memories we’ve had here – The best part is, we can take those memories with us!

We have a very cute house. For starters, it’s yellow. Now Andy always says “I never thought I’d live in a yellow house” and I tend to agree, but it’s pretty darn charming! Plus we’ve really done a lot on the inside to enhance the space, and as I always say “Make the home the best it can be!” Just before I officially moved in with Andy, we embarked on a remodel of the kitchen and main living areas of the house… I never knew that the man hadn’t ever “remodeled” before. Growing up my parents constantly remodeled our house and added on to it – And there was actually a time when I thought everybody did that? In fact, they don’t – But I must admit, I’m glad my parents did did… And obviously it caught on 🙂 Nonetheless, Andy got through it and I got through it with Andy. I made it very clear that this would not be our last remodel together and he made it very clear that was fine… As long was he had someplace else to live in the meantime… Where’s the fun in that?

IMG_5097 IMG_5095 IMG_5093 IMG_5087 IMG_5081  IMG_5110

The awesome thing is that we already have buyers! Two of our friends (I’ll keep their names anonymous for now) expressed interest, got approved, and now we are making it happen “For Sale By Owner” aka FSBO! This is a whole different process of selling (And buying for them) then I’m used to, but it allows us to give them a better deal since we aren’t paying Realtor costs and it allows us to have a hassle free sale without a bunch of strangers walking through the house. I feel really good about it. It would be so nice to have our friends living here and enjoying the home like we have. There is always the chance that it may not work out, but regardless it makes me feel really good that people want our home without even listing it. I hope that for their sakes and ours, everything works out! I’m excited.


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