3.13.2015 – Friday The 13th

Happy Friday The 13th! A black cat didn’t cross in front of my path, but a black crane sure did! Today we had the roof loaded for the Ashland Project. We decided to do a full tear off so that we could check all the wood under it. Typically I don’t do tear off’s and I will just add another layer but since the layer that was on there was so bad, we decided it was better safe then sorry. The massive crane pulls into the yard and just unloads it onto the roof – It’s pretty cool to see because they make it look so easy!

IMG_3358 IMG_3359

After the roof was loaded, I met with the car crash girl. She wants to pay for the damage out of pocket so I went to a bodyshop where her friend worked… I realize all of this sounds like a bad idea… But I tried to put myself in her shoes and if it was the other way around, I’d hope that someone would treat me the same way I was treating her. Her guy gave us an estimate of $500… But just a note – I had already gotten my own estimate earlier in the day that was almost $4000. That is a sketchy difference. It’s time for an insurance claim!

After dealing with the roof and the car, I headed back to our house to see the progress since our current house in now a project. All of the windows are in and they are prepping to start the stucco repairs. Stucco is really an art… Especially when you are trying to match it and do repairs… It’s a fun process to watch, but not a fun process to pay for. Andy had another performance tonight so I stayed in and tried to put the house back together. It is such a disaster. So dusty from the new windows and we have stuff everywhere… It took me a few hours but I got the three bedrooms and the bathroom put back together and looking presentable. Now the rest of the house is still daunting, but that can be done tomorrow!


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